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Massage Therapy Is a Healing Touch

By L. Elizabeth Alder, N.C.M.T., C.Y.T. for Athens Banner Herald Health Resource Guide 2003

There is really no mystique concerning the effects of therapeutic massage. The first benefit that comes to everybody's mind is relief of bodily tension, but there is more.

Massage also improves circulation, which produces benefits, including nutrition of cells and tissues. Toxins which accumulate in muscle tissues through exercise or work are flushed out. The elimination of toxic debris lessens inflammation in joints and alleviates pain.

Massage can also improve muscle tone, as well as afford muscles a wider range of motion, as noticed by athletes who receive massage therapy. Through its relaxation and balancing effects, massage reduces the strain on every single organ. Massage has mental benefits as well, reportedly giving the individuals a sense of security along with peace and well-being.

Regular one-hour massages can release years of stress. Massage keeps you young and flexible.

The January 2006 issue of Mayo Clinic Health Letter lists potential benefits of Therapeutic Massage:

  • Improved circulation, which can be helpful in wound healing after surgery, in improving blood pressure and in relieving fluid buildup in arms and legs.
  • The release of stress-reducing hormones -- such as endorphins -- that can increase energy and reduce the risk of illnesses caused by chronic stress.
  • Reduced pain, which can promote muscle relaxation and healing of muscles.
  • Improved range of motion, increased flexibility and reduced risk of injury.