"For the rest of my life, I want to reflect on what Light is."

Albert Einstein

What is Color/Light Therapy?

Aura-Soma Color/Light Therapy is a powerful, energetic healing system using  specific colors beamed by an innovative Light instrument. Various colors are used according to the relation to their vibration and the different energy levels and parts of the body.

What does energetic healing mean?
As we have seen in photographs taken by the Kirlian camera, invented in 1939 by a Russian photographer, all living organisms have an energy field.  In the human mind-body system this has been labeled as the “aura” or the Human Energy Field (HEF).  With Kirlian photography, it has been proven that the human body has its mirror image in the HEF.  Utilizing this knowledge, a trained practitioner can effectively induce healing vibrations into the client’s HEF, bringing the individual to a more balanced state of well being.

Why does this Color/Light system work?
The healing process is a vibrational situation and Light is the fastest vibration we can take into our bodies.  Modern scientists are realizing today what ancient cultures have known for milleniums: that our bodies are comprised of energy, light and color.  Hospitals in Europe and Asia have been using different forms of Color therapies for years. Aura-Soma embraces the Vedic theory that the 7 main energy centers correspond with the rainbow color spectrum.  The human aura embodies an even wider spectrum of colors, each vibrating at its own unique frequency. Thus, using the system of color with the projection of light,the body’s own healing is supported and comes naturally at a faster rate.

It has been discovered in ancient Egypt that the sick were sometimes treated in color chambers.  In ancient India, seven energy centers or chakras, in the human body were known by Vedic healers to have individual colorings. In the first-century the Roman physician Celsus used colored skin plasters to help promote healing. Today many schools, hospitals and prisons are painted specific colors to lend learning, healing and calming vibrations. In 1979 Vicky Wall a blind woman in her 60’s, received the inspiration to produce the color system of Aura-Soma.

What can I expect during a Color/Light session?
There are actually two types of color sessions. One is a color consultation in which the client chooses 4 from over 100 jewel-like bottles of colors. These Equilibrium bottles are the heart of Aura-Soma.  Their vibrant colors guide and support you towards self-awareness and reveal your Life’s story in the interpretation of your selection.  It is quite accurate and life enhancing on many levels.

During the Colorenergetics session, the client is fully dressed and lying down on a comfortable table in a  relaxed environment. Color is beamed through a special Light instrument on specific areas to support and enhance the individual healing process. These sessions generally take about an hour and are so relaxing that some people find themselves easily falling into sleep.

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