The summer of 2005 a woman took a photograph at the Chalice Well. Holding the camera, she thought about a meditation years before.
She had asked Jesus, “How can I see you in this life?” Then an incredibly happy and beautiful smile appeared. In her mind's eye, she then saw it was the Christ smiling at her. This was the thought she had while taking the picture. When the film was developed, there was the Apparition of Christ. He had revealed Himself for all the world to see.

A year later, the woman returned to England. The second night she could not sleep. All night she saw a vision of the feet of Christ, standing in the waters of the Chalice Well, His wounds bleeding, turning the water red. She kept asking, “Why are you showing me this?”
Finally at daybreak, compassion came and she said, “Oh, I'm so sorry for your pain. This must really hurt you!”
Then He spoke, “Yes I am very hurt. I am hurt because people are fighting in my name and in the name of religion and this is not what I want.”
The woman asked, “What do you want Lord?”
The Christ said, “I want people to love themselves so deeply, so sweetly that it spills over for the Love of Humanity. This is the True Love of God. In this the Peace, the Healing begins.”
Later another message from the Lord came to her.
“I want people to put down the cross.” He said. “Why?” asked the woman.
“Because, the cross is a symbol of torture and pain and oppression. I do not want this to be my symbol any longer. When I was a newborn baby, my first symbol was a Star, high in the heavens. This is the True Image of God, the Glory and the Light.
I want people to rise above and be the Star that they are. The Cross is man made and the Star is God made.”
So now you, who hold this in your hands, please give His message to everyone. That all should love themselves and be the Star that they are. It is His wish.

This is the story of the photograph I took at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury. I wrote it in the third person text, because it is His story,His message. Not mine. I really don't know why I was chosen for this mission, but as a friend of mine said, "Elizabeth, you don't get to ask that question." I do know that He has asked that this message be given to everyone. Please help Him reach others that they may know His wish.

In His Name, Elizabeth Alder, N.C.M.T.,C.C.T.,C.Y.T.

Apparition at Chalice Well

This is the apparition of Christ at the Lion's Head fountain in the Chalice Well Gardens - Glastonbury, England.

This unretouched photo is copyrighted by © Elizabeth Alder, 2006.

Lion's Head Fountain at the Chalice Well Gardens.

The area of Wiltshire in England is the land of Crop Circles, they are amazing and usually appear in the summer. To read more about crop circles go to

When I visited Glastonbury again, I prayed that I might have confirmation of His message in the form of a crop circle. When I returned home to America a week later, this crop circle had appeared. How could I have doubted God's Love?

Peace and Many Blessings to you and all Angels everywhere.

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"Let my wise thoughts follow the wondrous Star that leads to the Christ Child of Infinity." - Paramahansa Yogananda